Friday, June 24, 2011

Extended Interview: Fabian Picardo

I want to provide longer, more complete interviews for viewers to explore after they have finished watching the film. Most of those interviewed will have an extended clip available online, similar to Andrew Rosindell.

This is one such extended interview with Fabian Picardo, member of the Gibraltar Socialist Labor Party. Segments of this interview will certainly appear scattered throughout the soon-to-be-completed film, but some viewers will want to learn more about the topics he addresses and would like to hear more context surrounding the more brief segments that make their way into the narrative.

Gibraltarian Identity & British Identity: 0:00
Gibraltarian views on Spaniards: 1:47
Decolonising Gibraltar: 3:03
Ceuta & Melilla: 6:14
Gibraltar's future: 9:02

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1 comment:

Grub Street said...

Cool interview, the only thing I'd really argue with is that the coparison between Ceuta / Melilla / Gibraltar should also include a reference to the period of time that those territories have been part of the states in question. Ceuta has had an association with Spain since the 8th century and has been integrated into Spain since the 15th Century as did Melilla. Gibraltar, on the other hand, has only been British since the 18th Century, before that being unquestionably Spanish.

Cool interview though.