Friday, March 4, 2011

Andrew Rosindell MP discusses Gibraltar

Here's an interview with Andrew Rosindell MP that took place a few days ago in London. Mr Rosindell has represented Gibraltar's interests before the House of Commons in the past, and was eager to discuss the trade and human rights implications of Spain's insistance that the Rock is theirs.

This is a nearly full-length interview, not color-corrected or with processed audio (it will all be cleaned up for the film), just for those who I know will want to see the whole commentary.


Andrew said...

That is great material! Did you do that interview? How'd you line it up? Have you been able to talk to any Spanish officials/politicians?

Garrett said...

The Spanish politicians haven't been accessible. Since the balance is heavily towards Gibraltar it's not going to be a film that tries to mediate the parties. It's simply a film that tells the story of the Llanitos.

Grub Street said...

His final point about 'bullying' is spot on, as is the one about the democratic right to choose but many of hi assertions about Britain's historical claim and in particular the comparisons to the US are just 'pubspeak'. That's fair enough of course, but that is all it is.

If you want to try to talk to somebody close(ish) to the political world in Spain about it you could try the IDEAS foundation. They are associated with the outgoing socialists and they might be able to put forward a more balanced Spanish perspective on things.

Garrett said...

IDEAS, eh? That's a great lead and I'll see if they'll record an interview. The problem with opening up a ton of representation from the Spanish side is that it could easily become a film about the conflict over sovereignty, which I argue is only one facet of Gibraltar's rich culture. Thank you for your comments!