Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quick previews from Gibraltar

I've been running around Gibraltar, meeting people, making phone calls and filming like crazy. I won't be editing most of this footage until I'm back in Seattle, but I wanted to share a few updates from my first day of filming. Things are coming along well but I still have a lot to do while here so I'll be spending less time editing and more time filming!

And here are just a few more clips!


Asdrúbal el Bello said...

Did you ask someone in Spain over Gibraltar?

Andrew said...

Snap! Beautiful shots. I love the mosque shot. Are there going to be some bits about the diverse religious communities? Those two guys going back and forth in language: Pure gold. That's so gibraltar. Those are gonna make the film. When's the film festival?

Andrew said...

And who is this guy whose music you're using? A friend of yours? It's great!

Garrett said...

The music is by Adrian Pisarello, a Gibraltarian musician who has some amazing work.

I'll be applying to festivals as soon as the film is finished!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. this project looks create so far! Are there any estimations as to when the final product will be available.

As a "born and raised" Gibraltarrian currently studing in the UK, and one who is immensly fascinated by the unique status our lovely rock maintains; I am thoroughly enticed by this brilliant work!

Congratulations and please reply as to when the product could be ready.


Anonymous said...

typo, sorry *this project looks GREAT