Sunday, March 15, 2009

"People of the Rock"

I have finally given this film a title: "People of the Rock."

The next draft of the the film might not come until late April, as I'm trying to finish up my BA degree here at BYU, but it remains on the high-priority list.

Update (5-31-09): I am considering a byline: "People of the Rock: The Llanitos of Gibraltar." Any thoughts?


Michael Powers said...

I thought the documentary was great by the way Garrett. Some of the cuts and transitions were a little rough, but the research, interviews, and camera work were all in all amazing. I even liked the animation.

Cybernest said...

Hmmm... Not sure "The People on the Rock" is the best... most descriptive title Garrett... sorry!

Keyword... Keyword mate!

How about... "The Llanitos of the Rock of Gibraltar" ??

Much more descriptive I think... and good use of keywords for the internet. But hey... just my opinion... and it is your film buddy.

Anyhow... I do agree with Michael generally as you know... from my review of your excellent film! :)

I very much look forward to the finished version... when you can get around to it... thanks and good luck with your BA!

Saludos! :)

Garrett said...

Thanks for your comments, you guys!

I'd like to use "Llanitos" in the title, but I got chastised by several Gibraltarians for calling them Llanitos... a few people got really upset, telling me that it was a derogatory nickname, etc....

I'm also worried about the title being too long. I'll consider your advice, Ernest, and keep thinking!

Cybernest said...

Hiya Garrett

I am VERY surprised to read your comment!

"chastised by several Gibraltarians for calling them Llanitos... a few people got really upset, telling me that it was a derogatory nickname"

I've never heard anything of the kind and find it very surprising that ANY llanito should take umbrage for being called what we call ourselves! Since you say it happens, I have to believe it happened. Frankly though... as I say, I am VERY surprised to hear it and would think this sort of sentiment very much in the minority! It doesn't trouble me in the least and no one has ever expressed a negative view on being called a Llanito to me... ever! Perhaps those who object, would like to make their objection and grounds known by commenting here... something else that I've been disappointed with... the distinct lack of any comment other than on my forum.

Now if we were talking about the word or term 'Gibo'... then yes... that I would understand if a few took umbrage with that term and I make my views clear on this here: Defining the word or term 'Gibo'

Anyway... as I have said before... it's your documentary film... so up to you what you call it.... but I really doubt very much whether too many Llanitos would complain if you included the word in the title... as I personally think you should! :)

Happy ponderings! :)


Garrett said...

Take a look at the first few seconds, here, in response to my asking what Llanito means:

I wonder if it's because I am an outsider, and these guys didn't like me throwing around a local term that they use to describe themselves?

Cybernest said...

"I wonder if it's because I am an outsider, and these guys didn't like me throwing around a local term that they use to describe themselves?"

Well... possibly Garrett... but with all due respect to Mr Perez here... Llanito no es una palabra fea... it's not a disparaging term. At least not to me and in my experience, as I already said, neither do I think Mr Perez's view is shared very widely... across the generations by Gibraltarians and at 55, I'm more his age myself.

I think this calls for a post on my blog... and possibly a Poll (I'll have to figure out how to put one on Blogger)! Watch this space! :)


Garrett said...

I can't wait to see the ensuing discussion!

Cybernest said...

OK... a bit of a long-winded post... but let's see what this produces: If you are Gibraltarian... do YOU find the term Llanito (or Yanito) offensive?

I've put my hard hat on! :@:@

Saludos! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Garrett,

I stumbled upon your blog today and am really looking forward to see how things go with your film. As a llanita living in the Netherlands, I'm glad to see blogs and websites about my home. I left Gibraltar in 1999 to go and study in the UK and have been living abroad ever since. Videos like the ones you've posted on the blog are great to watch whenever I feel a little homesick. I may have travelled a far deal and lived in 4 different countries (the UK, China, Taiwan and the Netherlands) but a big part of me is still very much Gibraltarian.

Keep up the good work! And no, I don't find the term "llanito" (or "llanita") offensive and neither do many of the young Gibraltarians who turn up on National Day. :)

Garrett said...

Kelly, you've made my day! It is delightful to hear that so many Llanitos feel that my little film represents them in some way. That was always my goal, and it warms me to hear that!

And Ernest, et al.: you have persuaded me to expand the title a bit. What do you think of adding a byline?

"People of the Rock: The Llanitos of Gibraltar"

Not too different from what Ernest suggested. Any thoughts?

Cybernest said...

Hi Garrett

Your new proposed title of "People of the Rock: The Llanitos of Gibraltar" is much better and to my mind... more comprehensively encapsulates and describes the purpose of your documentary! Thanks for your reflections on this... it gets my thumbs up!

Hope your tour is going well, I am following it on your Tweets!

Saludos! :)